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What is IAP?

The Intelligent Access Program (IAP) is an exciting transport industry initiative which has been established by the various road regulating authorities of Australia’s State, Territory and Federal Governments. The program is intended to provide transport operators enhanced access to the public road system in return for agreement to certain conditions of access. It will enable participants to significantly improve efficiency on major transport routes while providing evidence of compliance with various requirements relative to safety and road usage via electronically captured data sourced directly from vehicles using telematics technology.

Intelligent Access Program is an arrangmenet between ‘US’ the IAP Service provider, ‘YOU’ the transport operator and ‘REGULATORS’ (NSW RMS, VIC Roads, QLD TMR) and TCA (Transport Certification Australia, the operators of IAP).

The IAP will enable you to better meet your operational needs, comply with specific road access conditions and maximise productivity and profits.

We will assist you in enrolling those vehicles your business needs in the IAP and take you through the process, step by step so as to avoid unnecessary delays, downtime and red tape. This will ensure that your business operates at its maximum capabilities.


Higher Mass Limits

Higher Mass Limits (HML) is a nationally agreed scheme that permits approved heavy vehicles to operate with additional mass on certain types of axle groups, on a restricted road network and subject to specified conditions.

For more information on Higher Mass Limits please go to:

Participation in the HML scheme requires registration in each applicable state and territory. Further information, including application procedures, operating conditions and applicable route maps, is available from road agency websites.

The road agencies requiring IAP for the HML scheme are:

New South Wales:
South Australia:


Cranes and Overmass

A number of road agencies have mandated the use of IAP for compliance with permits for Cranes and Overmass vehicles. TCS can provide assistance for Crane Operators to setup their IAP service and compliance. The road agencies requiring IAP for Cranes and Overmass vehicles are:

New South Wales:


Performance Based Standards

Performance Based Standards (PBS) offer the potential for heavy vehicle operators to achieve higher productivity and safety through innovative vehicle design. These gains are typically not available under conventional ‘one size fits all’ prescriptive mass and dimension rules or the state-based permit system.

High Productivity Freight Vehicles, Non Standard Freight Vehicles, PBS Truck and Dogs are examples of PBS vehicles that can be monitored using the IAP. TCS monitors a number of PBS vehicles, including the ones detailed in the TCA Case Study.

For further information contact the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator.